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Not a single one of us is immune to the ebb and flow of our energetics.. no more than any of us can be immune to exhaustion or melancholy, we are human.

Through the cycle of a year almost all of us have a time or a period where our energies wane. We all have different tendencies of how we respond to these shifts in our natural cycles.

I personally find there are times of the year that my self care shifts from an outer expression to an inner investigation. As a yoga practitioner (and teacher) this shift is quiet and natural. There are certain months of the year I find myself doing much less asana for my personal practice and spend much more time meditating, sitting quietly in contemplation or reading to further my studies.

If I’m honest, this is the first year I have ever given myself FULL permission to let this inward time unfold. Winter is cold. Winter is dark. And to me, winter is naturally a time to be a bit more quiet. Although I have always felt this to be true my thinking mind (and my ever prevailing Irish guilt) has always felt terrible for being so sluggish this time of year. Instead of simply enjoying my time to be quiet and allowing it to truly be a time of rest and rejuvenation I have always layered myself up with the never ending shoulds… which feels awful at any time, never mind when there is no extra energy there to put those shoulds into movement.

What I am discovering to be true is that the more I look the more places I see the rhythm of nature in all of her glory. We are in every way tied to nature and so we should feels confident in following her lead.

When we can honour the way nature moves, and honour ourselves as an integral part of nature, it seems obvious that as the seasons naturally change so should we… what we eat, how much we sleep, how much or little we move our bodies etc.

Our yoga (asana) practice is like ANYTHING ELSE. It is crazy to think that we will need the same thing all year long.

For me, I am finding that as the spring slowly creeps in there is a fresh breath of change brewing. The daylight is gracefully growing. The birds are reappearing and as the morning light spreads I am delighted to find my energy is naturally picking up as well.

These last couple of weeks have been beautiful for me to crawl back on my yoga mat and find the cadence of my personal practice… not because I feel like I should or have guilt for not doing enough… I find my body and mind simply gravitating there, it naturally feels like it is time to pick my practice back up again and let it once again evolve.

As the years go on, and the depth and gifts of yoga seeps into every tiny nock and cranny of my inner and out life I feel incredibly honoured to recognize that I am just like everyone else and completely myself all at once. I am the same brilliant star dust that makes all things, and if I pay close enough attention there is never anything to force or resist, just a natural rhythm to be carried by.


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