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In my 33 year I have learned a lot.

There are many things that I have learned that have shifted and changed, some things that have deepened and developed, and others that I have had to learn and re-learn with each cycle I have grown through.

At this point in my life, these are the things I feel I know for sure.

1) Everything changes. Everything has a time and a cycle. Nothing is permanent.

2) There is no one way. No one belief system. No one diet. No one lifestyle.

3) Other peoples opinion of you doesn’t matter. You’re opinion of you does matter. No matter what you do you cannot please everyone so you cannot put what you want on the end of the list.

4) Getting outside makes everything better.

5) There is never a perfect time. If you want to start or stop something, get on it. Even if it’s just a tiny step in the direction you want to go, take it.

6) Never Say Never.

7) You are what you eat, literally. Your body builds itself from what you put into it. Your cells are constantly regenerating, fuelled by the food you choose. These choices matter.

8) Music is the most amazing time machine.

9) There is no better feeling in the world than belly laughing with someone you love.

10) There is so much that can be heard in the silence.

11)  I do not (personally) need coffee to survive, but it sure helps.

12) The Roots and Pema Chrodron underscore the way things go, Things fall apart.. They come together and they fall apart. “The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy.”

13) Keeping strong family ties is super important. When shit hits the fan you need to know who will have your back.

14) Family is not limited to those you are related to by blood.

15) The relationships of a lifetime are ever evolving. I believe strongly in the saying a season, a reason or a lifetime and am thankful to all the people who have fill each of those spaces in my life.

16) Traveling changes your perspective. Period.

17) Empathy is the highest form of intelligence.

18) It is never too late to begin again, and again.

19) If you don’t use it, you lose it… Body range and movement needs to be a priority and our brains and hearts need to be challenged.

20) There is so much more to life than increasing its speed. The quicker you speed through life the more you may miss.

21) Dreams matter. Giving life to dreams matters.

22) You have to constantly involve yourself in the cultivation of your ideal life.

23) Speaking up for what you believe, in a world that asks you to be quiet, is incredibly brave.

24) If nothing ever changes than nothing ever changes.

25) Presence is POWERFUL. If we cannot learn to appreciate the moment we are in why would we assume the moments to come will be so much better.

26) There is incredible satisfaction from doing it yourself. Making a meal from scratch, building a piece of furniture, planting and growing something, manifesting a dream to reality… these things simply feel and taste amazing.

27) Gratitude changes everything.

28) We need less than we think we do.

29) There is an ease in learning to following the rhythms of nature. Stopping to pay attention and moving in tandem with the natural rhythms of the days and the seasons is a wonderful gift, a realization that we do not have to resist what our intuition already knows.

30) Spiritual practice is more of a remembering than a learning.

31) Giving ourselves permission to trust our inner knowing/ inner voice/ intuition is profound. Trust creates peace.

32) We express ourselves differently when we thread all thoughts born in the brain through the heart before they escape our lips.

33) What is here today, may be gone tomorrow. I have slowly come to realize, in quite a deep and meaningful way, that the little things really are the bigger things, because after all….Everything changes.

With all my love as I add on another year. Here I come 34!

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