It’s been a winter of new exploration and adventure. With a lust for snow and no significantly sized ski resorts anywhere near there was only one real choice to keep the winter fun factor up… we took the plunge, made the investment and bought a couple of split boards!

Whitehorse is only a short drive away from the well known White Pass, a beautiful mountain pass through the Boundary ranges of the Coastal Mountains on the borders of Alaska and the northern reaches of British Columbia. It is host to a seemingly endless amount of back country riding and beautiful views garlore.

Though it was far from a really deep snow year it was still invaluable to have this as an escape every weekend, discovering new zones and places as the winter progressed. A gentle joy grows out of the repetition of things sometimes, finding a rhythm. When I’m touring I find it is just as much about the climb as it is the riding that follows. Not to say I don’t enjoy the snowboarding bit to the utmost, this is of course the fuel that keeps us coming back for more each time, but there is something special about just being in the mountains… especially those of the far north were you can really have the sense of being all alone in the wild, literally the only people on the mountain. This makes me feel really small and simultaneous completely connected.

It wasn’t a year of epic powder or great big drops and there were definitely days when this was really disappointing but then not many people get to spend a season riding between Yukon and Alaska. I’d have to say… it turned out to be a really great winter never the less.

“When we tire of well-worn ways, we seek for new. This restless craving in the souls of men spurs them to climb, and to seek the mountain view.
– Ella Wheeler

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As it says on the big wooden sign at Radium Hot Springs BC… the Mountains will bring peace to the people!

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