When Wes and I left India for Nepal in the end of March we had both had enough of the country and there were big doubts whether or not we would return to India even with our double entry tourist visa. Time in Nepal thankfully softened us and we decided we would in-fact give India one more go and spend a couple weeks in the south. I’m really glad we did.

To me, the north and south of India are drastically different, not in all the basic national characteristics of the country but to me the people felt much more laid back in the south and in a sense much more modern. We only spent 3 weeks this time around, between Mumbai and Goa. As the southern monsoon was in full effect we decided to keep our travel focused on only a few places. What little of the south we did see however, was beautiful.

It’s funny that in a round about way I got out of my Indian travels exactly what I was seeking… perspective. The romanticized images I hoped to find in India included magical places of color, and rich spirituality and in essences I did get to experience these places, but I also got to experience all the sides of India I didn’t love…including all the pushy and invasive sides where manners do not exist. The polite Canadian within me was always at battle here trying not to be offended. It’s difficult as a westerner to come to terms with social issues like India’s caste system, and as a woman to witness the way Indian women are most often treated as second class citizens, but these, of course, are my perspectives. The people of India, from every corner and sector of the country, are intensely proud of their mother India. There is a nationalism here that I could only compare to America’s patriotic sentiment and it was really something to discover that for ourselves. I have never been anywhere quite like India and I am very glad I took the plunge to come and witness this part of the world in all her glory. Whether or not it is a place I will return there is much I can take away from my time here. It truly is a place you have to come and experience for yourself and I definitely recommend a trip here if only to see the world through some very different eyes.

And now onto Bali… the journey continues…


***(A Random assortment of photos from our 3 weeks in the south)***

IMG_4215 Goa Cow Chels n Cow Spice Lunch Pandgi Lunch IMG_4278  mumbai Cows IMG_4263


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