Spring! That amazing time when the nearly forgotten sounds of song birds re-emerge, the day light hours once again have some length and the cobwebs of winter can finally be shaken off.

The weight of winter truly felt like something to be shed this year and we greeted exinox by joining the Whitehorse festival “Burning Away The Winter Blues”. The event is put on by the city of Whitehorse and community members of all stripes join together to escort the annual effigy in a final winter procession before it is offered to the flames of a giant bon-fire. The essence of the event is to create a representation of your own winter blues and then the burn them away with the fires of spring… supported by music, dancing and merriment.

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This was the second year we have attended this event but this year I felt like I symbolically needed to participate. I felt like winter had an ugly hold over me that I was full heartedly ready to be released from. I believe there is something beautiful about allowing your body and mind cycle to flow with the seasons, although in truth, this is something I am still trying to respect with my actions. This winter was busy for me, full of all kinds of opportunities and additions to work life, school and socializing. Although the season, the weather, the dark and my body pleaded with me to be slow and be quiet this winter my mind and ambition continually pushed me to be bright and active, to be constantly creative. Since we live in a world where convenient technology and energy resources will provide the desired light and temperature at anytime we have been re-programmed somehow to ignore these seasonal rhythms, these natural cercadian cycles, and for better or worse I allowed this re-programming to run me this winter.




It has been well over a month now since this winter blues festival and the essence of spring has truly arrived to the Yukon. With the fresh energy of spring I am again lifted and propelled by the warmth in the air, the sunny days that turn into long long northern evenings, and my own creativity re blossoming that seems to mirror the green of the trees as they begin to explode for another season.


With each passing year I am honoured to discover a deeper connection to my natural world, to the eb and flow of the light, to the pulse of activity and rest all while finding a truer respect for the warmth and the cold… giving my own head a shake when I realize the ways I resist these natural rhythms to accomplish or do more. As I learn to listen and have more respect for how connected I am to everything I am amazed to see how much nature translates itself through my body, my mind and my heart and I am extremely honoured to be a part of it all.

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