With the clock ticking and the days dwindling away we reached our last stop across Asia, good old Thailand, The Land of Smiles. I had spent many months in Thailand in my early twenties and was more than happy to spend our last 2 weeks here. It was high time for a another adventure, a last dose of tropical paradise, and all the thai yummies I could possible consume… my favorite!

The master plan for our time in thailand was to learn how to sail. Since we have had some kind of exciting adventure in almost every country along the way it seemed this would be a great way to end the trip. One thing travel most definitely does is nurture a life long hunger to explore more and more of this amazing world we live in. One of Wes’ big adventure goals has always been to sail from Vancouver to Halifax by the time he’s 40 and with 9 years left on the clock we figured it was high time we learned to sail a boat ourselves.

It was the perfect time of year to book into a Keelboat course in the north of Phuket, we singed up for a group program to keeps costs low and only had to share the course with one other, a young kid from New Zealand that I think only spoke 3 words over the entire course, making it more or less a private lesson anyway. Much was learned over the three days… including the fact that making the boat heel hard onto one side does not necessarily mean the boat is about to flip. This was super good news to me since I nearly had a heart attack the first time I was at the helm and had the boat leaning over at serious angles, thank goodness for that keel on the bottom of the boat. This was my very first time on a sail boat and I must say I think I did much better with it then expected. As one who has suffered from being sea sick in the passed I wasn’t sure how I’d fair, but I think I’m a good candidate to grow some sea legs. Wes, of course, has fallen deeply in love. By the end of the course he was able to maneuver the boat with ease and was a confident skipper, which suits me fine as I am of course much better at setting up/ tearing down the sails and maintaining the flow of our course, as always we make a good team.

boat crew boat hands boat lovers

Keel boat

Krabi Chels Longtail marina marina wes sea stacks


It’s so weird to be looking at this 9 month across Asia in the passed tense now. We still don’t have much planned for the future beyond making our way back across Canada and trying out small town life in Rossland while we renovate our place. We worked so hard and planned this trip for so long that coming to the end of it is accompanied with a flurry of mixed emotion. “Coming home” has always been the most difficult part of traveling for me, but since I will not be “home” (in the west) for a couple of month yet and that we will be settling in a whole new place leaves much to be excited about really. All in all it has been an unreal adventure into new unknown places and I know undoubtedly there will be many more abroad adventures to come. It’s not so much a question of where to go, as it is where to go next!

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