A great deal often happens (shifts/clicks/releases) while I’m in Savasana (the yoga pose of relaxation that most often closes a physical yoga class). In these quiet moments I am my most raw and open and vulnerable self. I have both fallen apart as well as gathered the pieces to put myself back together in these moments hundreds of times and in a world that is so loud and full of sensation I am so grateful for these quiet, introspective moments!

Today while I savoured my Savasana I had both a click and a shift moment, making a big decision for myself that I will try to be true to.

In a world where the glorification of busy is rampant I want to consciously choose to veer away from this overstimulated, anxious way of being. I feel like it is a plague that is killing us!

The use of the language we choose can be a truly powerful thing in the way we share, understand and perceive. Today I made a silent vow to myself. I would like to do away with my daily use of the descriptor BUSY and try as best as possible to say, and to mean, FULL.

Busy means having a great deal to do. I do. In fact, I have a lot going on. However, to me describing my life as busy denoted that I am riddled with obligation and excess. The word full, on the other hand, (again to me) says that many aspects of my life are surging and abundant.

These days in my FULL LIFE:

  • I am running a business.
  • I am developing as a writer.
  • I am attempting to remain faithful as a student of yoga.
  • I am striving to be a loving-available-supportive wife, a present daughter and sister, a good friend.
  • I am making time to be a homemaker and a renovator.
  • I’m trying to remember that the spirit of all these dimensions of me is only fed when I am an observer and lover of nature.
  • I am a cook and a groundskeeper, an accountant and marketing specialist…
  • Heck this month I was even a nominee for a local award!

The list, and the life that supports the list, is full!

And man, am I ever grateful for all these things. Everything on that list is something I choose. Are there days that I wish I had more time for each of these things? Yep! Nearly everyday I feel that way, but again the more I examine it the more I realize that I am in the driver’s seat.

Author Brene Brown says that as we cultivate a wholehearted way of living we must eventually learn to let go of busy and exhaustion as status symbols and productivity as markers of self worth.

So today, I’m working to shift back to gratitude so that I might see all the good and the abundance of this full life of mine. It doesn’t change the to-do list per-say, but I am keen to see what will grow from the perspective of choosing a life that is full over a life that is busy.


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