A few years back I took my 200hr yoga teacher training. Anyone who has taken an immersion training like this can relate to how powerful such an experience can be. It really impacted and changed my life. I shared this training with a group of wonderful people and among them was a beautiful girl named Kim. I was mesmerized by Kim. She has a long, wild head of amazing curls, and a smile that can light up a room. She was balancing her job as a magazine editor while taking this training (which amazed me as I felt I could barely handle the material as my sole focus) and yet she came to practice everyday ready to evolve, and ready to share the most thought provoking morsels in our group conversations.

In the years since that teacher training Kim has been a friend on social media. We live at a distance and so the place we connect is online. I know that we all have the ability to skew our lives through the illuminated screen, but I have to say that what Kim puts out truly inspires me to live a life of truth and integrity that is in line with what I know, both in my head and in my heart – to be real, to love fully, and to spend my time dong things that make me feel whole and alive… The time will pass anyway.

Last week I had the pleasure of watching a video montage of Kim’s wedding day, and just like Kim herself, it was beautiful, real, imperfect, honest and full of love.

One of the first clips in the video was of a painted board that said ‘Live The Life You Love’ and it struck me how simple it really can be to define and live a good life. Continually coming back to a notion as simple as this and allowing it to help lead and shape the endless decisions, big and small, that we are tasked to make so often can make a truly impressive impact. If we could let the idea of living a life we love be the touch stone for what we did in the world, how we interacted with each other and what we prioritized, how different I think our world would be. We would still all lead very different lives undoubtedly, but what would it mean if we could live from a place of true love instead of desire, or judgement or comparison.

As the days and months and years roll on from that first teacher training there are times that I have more questions than ever. The deeper I dig into the depths of my own self inquiry the more amazed I become, particularly when I can recognize how often other influences come forward to pressurize my life decisions. Most days, however, I truly feel like the essence of a good life is such a simple recipe, if only I can keep myself present enough to remember this moment by moment.

The notion of living a life you love does not exclude any of us from challenge or struggle, we’re human and naturally hard wired for life to bubble up. Living a life you love means choosing to be present as much as humanly possible (with full awareness that day to day our ability to do so changes..  but we do our best). Living a life you love means choosing to look for the good, choosing to surround ourselves with people we aligned with, choosing to make time and space for activities we enjoy, and to me, it’s these things that pretty much sum up a good life, no matter who you are, what country you were born it, what your social or economical background is, or what kind of job you have. Far too many of us have been tricked into believing that in order to live a life we love we must acquire, climb, and succeed, but truly a good life doesn’t have to be glamorous or picture perfect, and it doesn’t have to be something you wait to achieve. Living a life you love should start today… If you aren’t living it yet, start right now!!

I am honored to have people like Kim in my greater circle who live by example and remind me of these simple things.

Fill your days with things that make you feel good… People, ideas, music, food, activities… You name it. Don’t wait for Friday, for next month, for next year, start now and you’ll see that piece by piece, day by day you will build yourself a life that feels amazing, a life you truly love!

In the words of Alan Watts “Life is like music for its own sake. We are living in an eternal now, and when we listen to music we are not listening to the past, we are not listening to the future, we are listening to an expanded present.”

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