I’m a big fan of mantras and positive affirmations… but like many things I’ve come across on the path to self discovery I find using my own interpretation of these ancient tools to be the most effective for me.

Mantras have been used in Buddhist and Hindu traditions for thousands of years as an aid in concentration for meditation or to create positive transformation within a person.

Today, mantras can mean many different things to different people. They are usually chanted or sung and in our western world it is most common to experience them in a class setting, of yoga or meditation, or a ceremonial celebration. These beautiful sounding verses can often be enjoyed without translation, and also without even participating in their recital. Simply being in the space where they are being repeated can set a person at ease, soothing the rhythms of the brain. But since very few of us are devote Buddhists or Brahmans the meaning of many of these ancient mantras can sometimes be lost on us.

I have a very dear friend, sister of my heart, who has given me many tools and insights over the years to help me on my life’s journey… She is a wise soul. When I was 21 she shared the idea of creating my own mantra with me. She said to come up with a short phrase I could repeat to myself throughout the day that could help me to stay positive, calm, motivated or could reinforce some self love. I have come up with dozens of mantra for myself over the years and have found them very helpful. I even got in the habit of writing them on notes for myself that I would come across during my day to help remind me of the positive forces in my life that I wanted to focus on.

This week I made myself a new visual reminder of a mantra I have been practicing for a long time now, but one that reminds me of my purpose and brings me back to my life’s motivation again and again.

Whatever you’re mantra may be, may it help you to always step into your greatness as you stroll down your life’s path.




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