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Our Team

Chelsea Eisses
Chelsea EissesInner Roar Owner, ERYT500, Holistic Health Coach
Chelsea is an intense lover of life and sees the practice of yoga as something that happens in all aspects of life, moment by moment. To Chelsea, Yoga means self study, it is much more than a practice that happens on the mat, it is an exploration, an evolution, a lifestyle.

Chelsea carries the same passion she has for yoga into all of her endeavours as a holistic nutrition coach, snowboarder, world traveller, outdoor enthusiast, self proclaimed food geek and writer. She has had articles featured in various health and wellness publications including Elephant Journal, Yoganonymous, Yogi Times and Giai.

Chelsea, like you, is a beautiful work in progress and credits her yoga practice as her greatest gift and greatest teacher.

She believes the road to vibrant health and inspired living looks different for each of us and that it’s ALL YOGA, on the mat or out in the world.

What we do with our moments builds and collects to write the story of our lives, giving us room to grow, to live with purpose and on purpose!

Rhonda Loggains
Rhonda LoggainsRYT200
Rhonda loves learning in all forms and through dedicated practice (which eventually lead to pursuing her teacher designation) realized not only the physical benefits of yoga but also the emotional and spiritual aspects as well. She found that the way she felt on the mat eventually made its way off the mat and became her roadmap of how she wanted to interact with the world!

Through her yogic journey, Rhonda discovered the many layers of herself as well as developed a desire to hold a safe, judgement free space for her students. This space is a place for her students to do their own inner work and just simply be themselves, allowing them to notice their own aspects of growth and change.

Rhonda is an outdoor lover, mother, wife, travel bug, and a self-professed science geek. She brings all sides of herself to the mat and classes; she hopes to see you there!

Tania Tavares
Tania TavaresRYT200
Tania found yoga over 20 years ago while looking for a way to ease the stress of exams during her first year of university. She immediately felt its magic and slung a mat over her shoulder ever since.

After 15 years of practice, she took two 200 hr teacher trainings in her hometown of Toronto with the intention of deepening her personal practice and using this knowledge to aid students in her classrooms. Yet, as life takes interesting turns, Tania’s love of teaching and connecting with others transferred over to teaching yoga in various studios. Her heart opened ever wider. The rest is history.

Tania has studied and practiced with many teachers. Her primary teacher is JP Tamblyn-Sabo, the founder of Ahimsa Yoga; a method that has deeply inspired the way she teaches: to offer a safe and intelligent practice, meeting individuals exactly where they’re at; to offer opportunities of empowerment, one breath at a time, embracing and growing from/with individual challenges and moving towards their aspirations, whatever they may be.

Yoga is a holistic practice that encompasses the physical and metaphysical. Tania’s daily life is shaped by the offerings of wisdom from this practice. Always a student, she aims to continue learning with a humble heart and a beginner’s mind from teachers both conventional and unconventional.