Wedding Dance Floor


15 days of celebrating love came to an end today. My in-laws pulled away in their 5th wheel trailer, my new husband kissed me goodbye and clicked the door closed behind him heading off to work, and I, almost comically predictable, sat down and had a cry.

There are certain experiences we encounter in this life that become crystallized. I have been fortune enough to have piles of these moments. This passed 2 weeks, however, will ring through the years of my life with exceptional sentiment.

We started to plan a wedding 2 years ago while living in the Yukon Territory. All the decisions felt difficult to make. We have friendships and pieces of our hearts scattered all over this country and all over this world and we were unsure how to pull all of these pieces together. Having both stood in a number of weddings over the years we were no strangers to the commitment and expense that participating in an out of town (out of province) wedding can be and it was nerve racking to decide to ask people to take that on for us, but seeing as we will only get one crack at having this kind of party we decided to go for it… am I ever grateful we did!

The days, weeks and months leading up to the wedding were humbling. My empathy for brides is forever changed! I really had no idea the number of details one has to consider when bringing people from all over the country together, regardless of the kind of wedding you may have – simple to fancy. Working out various options of transportation and accommodation, giving consideration to dietary and mobility restrictions, thinking about childcare etc. came with moments of challenge. Not to mention that we wanted to find a way to make everyone feel truly welcomed, thought of and thanked, not just for making the trip for us, but more importantly for being a part of our story.

A wedding is much more than the joining of 2 people and it is much more than recognizing the love of 2 people. We are the sum of our experiences, of the people we have encountered on our path, and of the relationships we have worked to hold onto and cultivate throughout our lives. Each of us are molded by our experiences, by our triumphs and failures, by the risks we take and the lessons we learn, and most of all by the people who accompany us through the journey of our lives.

During the evening of our wedding reception a friend took me to the edge of the dance floor and encouraged me to pause through the moments of my evening, to stand still with thoughtful presence and simply take it all in. It was at the edge of this bustling dance floor I was so profoundly struck by the simple theory of the law of attraction, the concept that ‘like’ attracts ‘like’. It will be these moments that I will hold closest to my heart, the moments I was able to watch people from all corners of our lives connect with each other, laugh and cry together, dance and play.

Coming off this high is going to take a while. I’m struck with how strange it is that riding on the coat tails of these most elevated and happy moments of my life is such longing and unexpected melancholy. I am in the midst of a full-on love hangover and I am completely grateful to feel it all. I am grateful to know to very core of me the way my past supports my present and propels this life of growth, adventure and love.

To those of you who have woven your way into the fabric of my heart – isn’t the power of love extraordinary?

Here’s to the past, to the future and to love!


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