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Sometimes we get caught in the weirdest cycles, like being stuck on a wheel that doesn’t stop turning. We’re holding tight to get through each week and feel like we are basically doing our best to get by…  feed our families, keep the nest manageable, do our work and try to reap a little joy out of the process! When we get stuck in the rut of routine and habit joy seems to be the first thing to fly out the window and we sometimes wonder why we have formed the habits we have that seem so second nature to us.

When most of us feel inspired to make some changes in our lifestyle, in our physical activity or in our diet, it’s common to defer to the programs and experience of “the experts”.  This is true especially for women, we gather books written by wise women before us who have made radical change and seem to have found a perfect system, a perfect recipe to health and happiness. What usually ends up happening, however, is we try to blindly follow someone else’s system and when it doesn’t align with our lives we inevitably fall off track.

In my humble opinion, if we want to make change in our lives, to feel better in our bodies, hearts and minds, we need to have clarity. Getting clear about WHAT we want to change, WHY we want to change it, WHEN we tend be challenged and fall toward our bad/die-hard habits, and HOW we’re going to stay on track with our intentions and goals makes all the difference.

Many of us already know the answers to a lot of these questions intuitively, but to me I have found that the process of tracking and recording my daily habits with a food-mood reflections journal to be of unbelievable benefit. Seeing clearly where changes should, and truly could be made in my day to day makes a profound difference in my ability to live inline with my best self… and when I fall off track, or something changes in my life, I start the process over to see what I might find.

The simplified version of the food-mood reflections journal I’m posting here is much more directed to tracking our food and the affects that different foods at different times of the day have on our body mind and spirit. This tracking process shows us our patterns, when we cop out, feed ourselves sugar or junk food because we are actually “hungry” for something else. This then opens up all kinds of opportunities to try new things, new foods, different timing and planning. When we notice that we’ve had a day where we feel really good we can look back over the journal for that day and see all the elements that aligned to make us feel like that… what was our sleep like the night before, goals for the day, how much water did we drink, when and what did we feed ourselves, what kind of activity and movement did we have, who did we spend our time with? The secrets of our habits live in the details.

To try out your free Nutrition Journal ‘Food-Mood Reflection’ form downloaded here

I don’t know about you, but I like feeling good and whether I like to admit it or not I know that ultimately I am the one who is responsible for that. Sometimes it’s easier to ignore ourselves and simply ride that wheel.. I get that! I do that too! But when I give my head and shake and pay mindful attention again to my daily habits I usually find it’s easier than expected to shift back toward healthy choices. It’s what we do everyday that makes up our lives, so lets pay attention and grow into the versions of ourselves that feel good.. body, mind and spirit!

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