To my great excitement Spring is in the air (even here in the sub arctic) and with it comes all kinds of great opportunities for me in my new northern world.

When I moved to Whitehorse this winter I was truly uncertain about how I was going to wiggle my way into the yoga and wellness scene here. Having worked to build relationships with people in the West Kootenay and putting the time in to really shape my yoga style to fit my classes and regular students there I was really really nervous a have to start again in a new place where I didn’t know a soul.

Things have unfolded here, as they do. I put myself out there to start subbing classes and with positive feed back finding it’s way back to the powers that be I was offered my own regular classes this season. Isn’t life amazing! This spring I will be teaching at 2 studios in Whitehorse as well as at the Canada Games Wellness center, teaching 8-10 classes a week… I’m so excited! I’m going to work even harder to put everything I can into these classes (particularly the pre reg ones where we can really grow and evolve together as a group).

I even have a proper bio up on both studio sites… Check me out!

It’s going to be a great spring!

The Studio: Granger Mall, Whitehorse



Breath of Life Yukon Wellness Collective: Downtown, Whitehorse.



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