I recently fell back into an old pit fall… the busy trap. You know the one, where life and work and responsibilities and commitments ramp up and time seems scares. It’s funny that when we are confronted with busyness the first things to fly out the window are the things we need most… good food, adequate rest, some kind of activity, and even soul nourishing company. These are the things that I know with utter certainly I need even more when I am busy to help maintain my health and well being, but alas I am only human.

We live in a fast world now. I laugh at myself sometime when I realize how accustom I have become to the speed of things… how there is a seed of distaste when my internet page doesn’t open with lightning fast efficiency, when I have to wait “too long” in a check out at the market, or my food doesn’t come out within a prompt 15 minute time frame at any given restaurant. I notice I have to check myself when these situations bring up a flash of irritation in me. We’ve become used to things happening really really quickly. The amount of tasks we can now accomplish in a day is incredible, but sometimes the way we prioritize these things and assign value to them is off, especially when we fall into that busy trap.

When we’re overwhelmed and busy we start to make excuses and poor health choices. In many cases this will mean we will eat something easy and processed, we skip our walk, bike ride or fitness class, we will avoid correspondence with friends and family, etc, etc. We do these things because we are putting all of our energy and effort toward something else… something like work. Now, if you are in love with your career and are passionate about what you do day to day than this output of your energy may be another topic all together, but many people are not totally in love with their jobs. Quite often our jobs are simply the means toward to having the lifestyle we seek. And once we give into the busy trap and let go of our healthy meals, our regular exercise and full nights of sleep it somehow seems so hard to pull ourselves back toward these habits, these things that we know full well make us feel the most vibrant and alive… but work back toward them we must… at least I must!

I have just had the good fortune to work a quick 3 week contract with the government doing some admin work and pocketing some much needed cash. As well as committing to this full-time contract I have also caught my stride with subbing a fair number of yoga classes here in Whitehorse and on top of that have really made ski touring in the White Pass area of BC and Alaska a weekend routine (which by the way is amazing!). Although much of my busyness lately has included a fair amount of activity it also resulted in me putting much less effort into my meals, dropping off on my personal yoga practice as well as clocking far fewer hours of my much cherished beauty sleep (that I already struggle with enough). All these things are quite important in my life to feel the most balanced and healthy. They are the things that I miss the most when I am not mindfully including them in my day to day.

We all have our own formula, our own combination of what we need to feel our best. Life can get crazy and we all have times when we feel like we just don’t have enough time to take great care of ourselves but the truth is we also don’t have time to be sick, run down or miserable either. So, the next time I am about to fall back in the busy trap I will remember that on the list of my priorities my health and well being needs to be cemented in at the top and I’m willing to bet that all the other things I have to accomplish will still somehow get done because I will be able to offer these tasks my best, most nourished, rested and balanced self.

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