A line from one of my favorite songs has been ringing heavy in my ears this year. The beautiful and talented Neko Case said:

“Magpie comes a calling
Drops a marble from the sky
The tin roof sounds alarming, wake up child!
Let this be a warning, says the magpie to the morning
Don’t let this faded summer pass you by.”

Sometimes I get so comfortable and complacent I realize an entire week has passed me by without really feeling like I have been fully engaging in life. This especially seems the case when the grind gets me down. At these times I have to work harder to get the blood flowing and the energy up and I feel less connected to those simple things that make me feel alive! I admit that I like to hibernate in my nest and zone out to a movie or fav tv show as much as the next guy, but there is a fine line here between enjoying these things and allowing them to pull me into a slump, a web of inactivity.

This years “resolution” for me is to do something everyday that really makes me feel alive. There are days when I am up for a big blast of life and there are others that I can only treat myself to something simple. This beautiful life is too short to not spend it living….

50 Everyday Things One Can Do To Really Feel Alive
(thanks for contributing friends)

1 Dance

2 Smile and make eye contact with people

3 Laugh with your whole self when you hear something funny

4 Moisturize, with you fav cream, coconut or essential oil mixture.

5 Take a hot shower or bath and linger in it… not so much to get clean but just to feel the soothing sensations

6 Take a cold shower and ignite your nervous system

7 Do something nice for someone and don’t tell anyone you did it

8 Pick and smell flowers

9 Walk barefoot

10 Take a walk in the rain or the snow

11 Read a page from you favorite book out loud. Listen to the words as you read them

12 Sit and or lay in the sun, absorb it.

13 Hold hands

14 Cuddle up with someone who means the world to you

15 Play… you know what you like… go play!

16 Sweat!… power walk, run, bike, hit the gym, climb a mountain or a wall, take a fitness class do some yoga… sweat

17 Meditate… yep. Just breath

18 Make something with your hands

19 Do a hand or head stand, use a wall to help if you want, but flip your world for a couple minutes

20 Tell the truth… let it rip! Let it free you

21 Swim… especially in the ocean or in a lake

22 Cook a meal with someone and eat it slowly and mindfully really savoring the flavors and love you put into it

23 SING!

24 Eat something really sour, sweet or spicy

25 Hang out with kids

26 Have sex… uninhibited, free, creative sex

27 Get into the trees. The forests and the mountains reveal the unexplainable nature of life

28 Stand near, or in the ocean and feel it’s pulse

29 Star gaze and contemplate the incredible vastness of the universe

30 Climb a tree, or something else high, get elevated

31 Listen to music. Really listen to it… to an artist or group that really touched a place in your heart…. sing along!

32 Get a message. Maybe give one too but definitely get one

33 Watch the sun set or rise for another day

34 Connect with someone you haven’t spoken to in ages and miss

35 Learn something new…. Take a class, read a how to, take a tutorial or jump in with both feet and see what happens. We should never stop learning

36 Grow something. Get your hands covered with dirt and connect with life

37 Go somewhere new. Explore. Travel. And do it often you will meet your most honest self when you pull yourself away from you comfort and routine

38 Visit a place in the developing world. Feel what you feel and digest the beautiful perspective this will surely bring you

39 Take a road trip

40 Introduce yourself to someone you may see often but do not know

41 Push your comfort zone. Not dangerously of course, but acknowledge where you may be open to pushing your boundaries and give it a shot

42 Practice a random act of kindness

43 Go to a live show… perhaps a play, an opera or better yet a big loud concert

44 Swing on swings

45 Ride a bike

46 Make a fresh lime soda. Soda water an a whole squeezed lime… so refreshing!

47 Speak in front of a group of people

48 Cry. Yep… let it out. Don’t muffles or stop it, let it flow

49 Go outside to experience a really cold day or night. Take a few deep calm breaths and experience the way your body and breath adapt to the temperature… Visually seeing the breath leave the body and hang in the air

50 Humbly remind yourself about all the good qualities you posses. Acknowledge your gifts and share them

I hope my goal to experience life is something we can all share and practice. With love to all 🙂

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