I think the Dalai Lama XIV is the cats Pajamas!  In fact this is just one of multiple posts I will likely share about how this powerfully compassionate man has affected my life.. and how I believe the concepts he shares affects so many lives.

I am often moved and motivated by the things that I read and see. But I have to admit we have entered a funny time where our social media is basted with feel good quotes and posters… so called simplified antidotes to the struggles of the world. But every so often I read something that sticks with me, this is one such offering.

I have traveled far and wide on this planet of ours and understand both the incredible opportunities, as well as the certain limitations that this life holds for me. How I choose to experience my life, my relationship with myself and with others and how I interact with my natural environment are all choices I make. I try to remind myself of these things as much as humanly possible!

Precious Life 2

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