• Workplace Wellness

    Whether companies are big or small it is the people that make things happen. When we are healthy and happy we are at the top of our game and effectiveness. Workplace wellness programs support overall health and well being.
    The Inner Roar offers a variety of Workplace Wellness Programs that range from 45 min Lunch and Learn seminars, to half or full day workshops. Each program is designed to fit the specific needs and interests of your company.
    Program Examples include:
    • Personal Energy Management. 
    • The Art and Science of Mindfulness
    • Eating for Energy
    • Turning Down The Stress
    • Personalities And The Workplace
    • Work. Home. Life. Balance.
    • Communication, miscommunication and strategies for the workplace.
    • The Power of Posture.
    Other favorites topics include: physical activity, nutrition and weight management, and alternative health.
    Programs can be designed to include food and refreshments as well as group activities to increase communication and comradery among co-workers.
    Workplace Wellness Rates start from a baseline of $75 per session. Please get in touch to discuss the needs and interests of your company.
    Workplace Yoga Sesssions:
    Yoga has been steadily on the rise in North America for decades and the science behind these ancient practice have become undisputed in their effectiveness to help reduce stress and tension, bringing the practitioners a greater sense of ease. Workplace yoga is a great way to break up the work day, creating an atmosphere of community with an overall sense of health and well being.
    The Inner Roar offers various length sessions to fit your workplace needs from 25mins to hour long sessions. These sessions are generally designed as accessible All-Levels practices that are suitable for any level of fitness and any range of flexibility and we are happy to provide the necessary mats and props bringing the entire experience to you.
    Workplace Yoga Rates start at $75 per session. The rates for workplace yoga sessions can be negotiated to be a flat rate covered by the employer or an individual fee paid by each staff member.
    Support your workplace to be happy, healthy and productive! Contact me to discuss your company's needs.